July 2, 2020

Showing Up

Holding SpaceShow up, Allow, Open and Get-out-of-the-way!

Someone asked the other day, what it is ‘exactly’ that I do, when giving a Reiki treatment. The answer that leaped from my mouth, without so much as a second thought was, I Show up.

Simple as that…I Show Up, I Allow, I Open; I get out-of-the-way and Hold space. Isn’t this what all of us do (or unfortunately, don’t do) when someone we know is in need, or in pain, or in conflict; or all the above?

Reiki is about showing up and making space for connection, for unfolding. It’s what we all have the option to do, on a daily basis, with the people who are in our lives. When we Show up as witness to events, or more importantly, as witness to emotions, to pain, to the very personal world that someone is experiencing…we allow that person room to feel, we allow them a chance to let down the walls, we allow them a place to bring their fears out in the open–without judgment, without explaining, without proving. It is within that space healing is created.

Reiki flows through all of us, we all have the ability to Show up, to extend healing energy…we all feel the calling to Allow, to Open and ultimately to Hold space. This, is the power of Reiki, it truly is within all of us.