January 24, 2021

How Do You Program Your World?

We program our world everyday with the information we input. Think of it like going to google on your computer and putting in the words Reiki. What do you get, but a return of information on Reiki; a list of websites, articles, videos…you get options to follow through on what you have requested.

The same thing happens with the words we speak, and the thoughts we think. When you say ‘I am…”, you are programming your physical world, you are programing your body, you are making a request and it brings to you exactly what you are demanding.

Here’s a good experiment, for one hour, as your maneuver through your day, take a step back and witness the internal, or external, dialogue that you have with yourself. How many times do you say, I am…, and what is the quality of that statement? Is it powerfully upgrading or degrading, does it carry the power to lift you up, or to hold you back?

If you find, like most of us, you have a repertoire of non-empowering programing going on, look for words and thoughts to change it around.

instead of…

I am stupid…go with…I am confused
I am fat…go with…I am strong
I am ugly…go with…I am beautifully unique
I am not worthy…go with…I am amazing
I am sick…go with…I have a strong, healthy body
I have cancer…go with…my body is a cancer fighting machine
I can’t walk/run a mile…go with…I can walk/run around the block

Get the picture! Look at your words and your thoughts as prayers that you bring into your world…watch what you say and think, your body is listening!